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Interested in the gear I use? I've collected a decent kit over time. I started with a Canon Rebel T3i and spent 2 years or so learning with it till I got my 7D mark II . WAY better camera then I am a photographer! I have resisted the desire to go full frame, but with my love of long exposure I'm sure that day will come soon enough.

  Next, the lens, or the glass as they like to say. If you're a newer photographer and you're thinking you might benefit from a better camera, do yourself a favor and buy a better lens first! It will improve your photography MUCH more then a camera!

 I'm not going to list every lens I own, but here's my most used and what I use them for.

 For my outdoor action/nature shots I have a 70-200 f4 non IS. As long as I have the light the non IS hasn't been an issue.

As a walk around, general purpose lens I use a 24-105 f4 L. Probably the lens that spends the most time on the camera. I really like the range this lens provides, a good working range for landscapes, with decent zoom when I need a closer look.

 If I need to go wider I turn to my ef-s 10-22. A great lens and until I got the 24-105, it was the only lens I used for landscapes.

All of the above lens I bought used, the only new lens came with the Rebel, and the Rokinon 8mm Fisheye my wife got me for Christmas a few years ago (I picked it out and put it in her Amazon basket, she just had to pay for it!). An inexpensive lens that I have lots of fun with. I almost always have it in the bag just in case. Really, a great bargain!

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