My Photography - SpookyBooStudios

My interest in photography can be traced to that day my wife brought this beautiful, blue eye Miniature Australian Shepherd into our home.  We had quite a time trying to come up with a name for this sweet girl, until I read something about Indians describing the breed's blue eyes as "Ghost Eyes". I pitched the name Spooky to my wife and it stuck! It wasn't too long before my wife decided Spooky needed a companion while we were both working,  so we got our second Mini Aussie. Of course her name was a lot easier to come up with...I mean, if you have a Spooky, you have to have a Boo! We joke that the next two will be Trick and Treat.

Training was next. I highly recommend dog training as it can only add to your communication and bonding with your pet. We got involved with the Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club . Great people and a great club, made many friends there. Worked our way up from Puppy class, Basic Obedience, and Sub-Novice Obedience, but when we signed up for Agility 1 the desire to photograph these dogs in action took hold. I went with Canon simply because that's what my son and niece were both using and I figured if I needed help it would be close by. Of course after my purchase I found out that they BOTH use their cameras in full auto mode! There was no way I was going to settle for that, so Google to the rescue! There is SO MUCH information out there and soon I was venturing out from the dog pics into other genres like light painting, HDR, Infrared, and my favorite, long exposure night photography. I do photography solely for my enjoyment, I have no illusions of getting rich doing this. If I do make a buck here or there I take it as a sign somebody likes what I've done and I'm happy with that. 

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